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Assiut Governorate _ Facts and Numbers

According to human- development and Central Bureau of General Mobilization and Statistics reports for 2014, Assiut is considered as the poorest governorate at the republic level, as there are 221 villages, representing 94%of the total villages in the governorate, among the poorest 1000 village in the republic. And 61.7% of impoverished populations live in the rural areas, which is considered the highest rate among country’s governorates, not only the poverty and poor economic scale is considered the dominated feature of rural population but also there are many manifestations which commonly found at Assiut villages and estates, mainly: illiterate, prevalence of child labor, and prevalence of gender-based violence patterns (early marriage- deprive girls of inheritance- poor women participation in general life- Female Circumcision) in addition to negative customs and traditional legacies.

And about the human rights and development in the governorate, throughout the past two decades, many community associations provide support and assistance for local community to improve the quality of life. However, it couldn’t publish the human rights concepts enough at rural areas. Many of human rights _located in Cairo_ Tried to support raising awareness or provide some legal support to, but the foundations still missing. So most of associations at the governorate couldn’t adopted combating gender-based violence issues, because of its poor experience, that issues are not at the top of its strategies priority, or poor recognition of the negative impact of this manifestation on society and the state in general.