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More than a third of marriages in rurd areas are under the age of 16

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Assiut Governorate _ Facts and Numbers

Why do we fight against early marriage?

According to a study conducted by ministry of state for family and population, National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, and united nations population fund to monitor the early marriage manifestation, what turns up to be centred at October, El- Fayum, and Assiut governorate, which is considered one of the most governorates in which early marriage is prevailing. This manifestation, which constantly increasing, is considered as one of the dangerous kinds of gender-based violence which widely spread in the governorate villages and estate, the Egyptian Center for Women's Rights indicated that 36% of marriages in rural areas are under age 16, as it is considered one of the social and cultural features, which is carried out in several ways to circumvent the low in the governorate.

The causes of that manifestation are vary between poor economic of scale and misconceptions of the families that marriage is a way to protect and preserve the girl honor, in addition to household domination ) father or brother) by forced marriage and drop out her education. Furthermore, poor NGO’s interest in adapting this issue, despite, NGO’s ( 1871) at the governorate are interesting and adapt a range of issues that serve the women, but the early marriage has not yet been addressed, and yet hasn’t received the attention that it deserve from the organizations or the governorate Executives.

Egypt has brought an end for the perpetrator of this crime against children. As article227 of penal code on penalties of up to two years of imprisonment for “anyone who falsely certify, or submit papers for Competent court or authority To prove that one of the spouses has reached to legal age to fulfill the marriage contract, also if the marriage contract has been drawn up according to these falsely certifies or papers submitted.” Furthermore, punish by imprisonment or fine to “everyone authorized by law to edit marriage contract, and he know that one of the spouses hasn’t reached to the legal age.”

Despite those laws that criminalize early marriage, but it doesn’t practically implemented, as there are many marriages in which age of the wife is under 18 years old, as there are around 18.2% of Egyptian married women were married at age 16. This manifestation is spreading through rural and local and low-income areas, plus this usually happened to get rid of the girls, which are seen as burden on their families economically and socially. General population census referred that about 11% of females from (16-19) are currently married or divorced. And it is noticed that it’s hard to get reliable statistics for early marriage, as most of these marriages are not officially recorded, which results in little information about marriages under 18 years old.