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Girls in rural upper Egypt, represent 6% of the labour force.

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Assiut Governorate _ Facts and Numbers

Women's Microenterprise Development

Most of rural poor people are living in Upper Egypt, where have higher illiteracy rate, increase in infant mortality rates, and hard access to safe drinking water and sanitation. According to the central bureau of general mobilization and statistics: around 51% of the rural population in upper Egypt suffers from poverty, despite most of them depending on cultivation, but young farmers of landowners has limited access to water of quality and quantity. As they growing many crops of low market value and generating low income and do not have enough access to financing and credit. In addition to, they own small-scale lands compared to people who lives in Lower Egypt. In Upper Egypt there aren’t Alternative employment opportunities in view of limited development of microenterprises or other of non-farming economic activities, and Producers' associations are not well organized.

This situation tends to be worse for girls in rural Upper Egypt, as they represent 6% of the labour force. They suffer not only of limited mobility and movement, but also face the conservative social habits, which have restricted their ability to move around. In rural communities, working at the non-farming private sectors is extremely limited, so development microenterprise and expansion of ongoing projects job opportunities are necessary for creating job opportunities.

Microenterprises are considered as engines of growth and infrastructure for economic expansion at the governmental level, for assisting in creating and generating job opportunities for rural poor people and inhabitant that hard to reach through the formal economic system, it’s also a source of innovation. At family level, Women's Enterprise plays an important role at insuring Livelihoods for poor families, Building women confidence and skills, raise the socio- economic level, and Along with many social benefits for the community.

The association cooperates with 3 partner organizations, working in Assiut against poverty and reduce unemployment, to implement economic empowerment programme which targeted 300 women between age 18-35 at 11 district in the governorate.