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36% of divorced women may expose to physical violence.

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Why do we support women who are subjected to violence?

One of three Egyptian women were battered by her husband at least once during their marriage. According to population and health survey in 2005 that 7% of women declared that they are battered and most of them suffers in silence do not seek help or reporting. And according to the national demographic health survey statistics in 2014 that 36% divorced women from age 15 exposed to physical violence within the family.

Violence against women is considered violation of human rights, and mostly referred to as “gender-based violence” because of the subordination of women in the family and society, This violation can occur in several ways, whether committed by husbands or others, inside or outside the home. Divorced women exposed to utmost degree of inequality and abuse, in the last few years, their percentage has exceeded twice of married women who are exposed to physical abuse from their husbands. Poor and less educated women – especially those whose tend to early marriage- most likely to be subjected to physical harm than those who with higher education and get married at an older age. However, there is no certain segment of women are secure from this violence.