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Why do we support families of prisoners and detainees?

Families of prisoners and detainees are the most society segments marginalized and disadvantaged in terms of activities and the economic, social and legal aid programs that rendered to them, even though they’re the most needed for this aids. As prisoners families exposed to number of legal, social and psychological problems, in addition to the economic problems which appear more prominent and influential, As a result of the social marginalization and social ostracism, and families of prisoners and detainees are suffering from exclusion at the community level in which they live. A prominent feature of this issue neighbors and relatives be unwilling to build normal relationships with Families of prisoners and detainees, and they are not provided with social assistance.

On the other hand, these families face a number of domestic family problems, which could lead to break-up and disintegration of the foundation of the family system, particularly in the absence of external parties aid to overcome these issues. Families of prisoners and detainees in the targeted areas suffer from low educational due to school non-enrolment and drop-out cases, because of the inability to pay school fees, the inability to purchase books, school supplies and equipment, Lack of the capacity to understand in class and the need for strengthening classes, and bullying in school. Families of prisoners and detainees are victims of poor economic circumstances, such as Low incomes levels and prevalence of unemployment among them, this is due to the fact that employers disapprove to employ one of the prisoners' families, Many of the families members do not have profession can work it out, The members of this segment know nothing about the vacant posts and how to access them, The lack of knowledge about how to get credit to set up a project, Knowledge of how run and manage small business enterprises, and financing authorities request many documents that members of this segment cannot provide.