In the period of 2009 - 2011
With the support of The Open Society Foundation Institute
Geographical Coverage Assiut Governorate

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Technical support for the development of governance in Assiut

Egypt witnessed many events and legislative changes after the January 25 Revolution, including the dissolution of local councils and the appointment of temporary councils. In this context, the Association implemented the project "Improving the performance of local councils" in the area of transparency, accountability and participation. Our work aimed at enriching the knowledge of the natural gathering and the popular approaches that formed during the revolution, about the concepts of governance and contributing to the development of relations and participated in any time.

Through technical support, an internal evaluation was carried out to identify the weaknesses of the local councils in Assiut Governorate in light of the concept of good governance at the local level. Based on the evaluation findings, we have been able to develop specialized training programs on various topics such as governance, local governance, decentralization and cooperation with civil society.