In the period of 2014 - 2015
With the support of The United States Agency in Cairo
Geographical coverage Assiut Governorate

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Our Impact _Facts and Numbers

Promote women's political participation

Women in Egypt are at the forefront of recent political movements and have been an integral part of Egypt's political movement since 2011, complementing the march of other women across Egypt's history who have been active in the political field and who preceded them and paved the way for young women to enter political roles.
However, because of prevailing laws, social norms, customs and traditions, the political empowerment of women faces many challenges. In this context, we have implemented the Political Empowerment Program for Women in Assiut Governorate ... to the opportunity to promote women's participation in society and in the political landscape and to promote gender equality and political reform.

During the project period, we were able to:

• Qualifying 200 women cadres working in municipalities and employees of various civil society organizations. The program has succeeded in increasing the capacity of women in civil society to participate in political initiatives and to build leadership skills to become models for others around them.

In order to create a supportive and supportive environment for women's participation in political life in the province, the program worked with religious entities and community leaders to become more informed and supportive of equal rights and political duties and women's ability to represent society. Demands at the local and national levels.

• 30 lawyers from both sexes were trained and trained to provide legal advice to families of prisoners and detainees

• To prepare and qualify 100 trainers / trained in civic education to ensure the sustainability of the results and the continued impact of the program, we implemented the training of trainers component, which included many knowledge and skills on the concept of civil society, civic identity, responsibility, citizenship, dialogue, participation and citizenship rights and obligations.