In the period of 2009 - 2010
With the support of The United States Agency for International Development
  1. Assiut Bar Association
  2. Center for Human Rights Studies and Research, Faculty of Law, Assiut University
Geographical Coverage Assiut Governorate

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Legal clinics for women and children

We have implemented the Assiut Legal Clinic for Women's and Children's Rights to promote the human rights situation in Upper Egypt, especially in Assiut with a focus on the rights of women, children and the marginalized. This was done by bridging the gap between theory and practice for law students (third and fourth year students) and the availability of three legal clinics to defend the rights of women and children in Assiut Governorate. In addition, we aimed to raise community awareness of the rights and violations of women and children and to enable victims to demand justice.

During the project period we were able to achieve the following:
• 500 women and 250 children received legal assistance through legal clinics that provided services in the centers of Dairout, Assiut and Abutij

• Preparation and development of the practical guide by faculty members at Assiut College, then approval and printing (1000) copies to support the disciplinary process

• 300 students (males and females) at the Faculty of Law in the third and fourth years were trained through intensive courses on the basic principles of human rights and international conventions on human rights and how to apply these principles in Egypt.

• Qualifying 45 students as volunteers in legal clinics because of their active participation in teaching sessions, preparation of projects, and willingness to make time and effort voluntarily to work in legal clinics.